Guy Bourdin, the Winter Inspiration of Christian Louboutin

Throughout the seventies and eighties, the French photographer Guy Bourdin took a series of pictures that ended up being legendary. They were women, or part of them, imbued with the glamor of the era: surreal, ghostly, witty and attractive. The French chose for his portraits of anonymous models, often posed with swimsuits and colorful tights. They relied on various items such as dolphins, telephones, teddy bears or bus stops. But if there was a common element in all of them, that were the Christian Louboutin outlet.

The French, in addition to working for publications such as Vogue and Harper’s Bazaar, was commissioned to produce advertising campaigns shoe brand Charles Jourdan since the mid sixties. And that’s precisely where he got the inspiration for his campaign Christian Louboutin autumn and winter 2016.


The line has presented the designer distills the seventies style that prevails in the fashion industry this 2016. But another vision of the time; the ultra glam evening of French in the Parisian nightclub Le Palace, the ray of David Bowie and the spirit of freedom. “It was a period that was fun to have an attitude instead of trying to look normal-people beginning to show a bit, to be a little ruidosas- had an attitude, they were proud to have it and played with it, they were playing with her own femininity, “Louboutin says about his own collection.

The campaign has been taking an educated Bourdin style and reinventing way. The rarity at the time might have already faded and not feel so strange in the 2016. The combination of glamor, sex and surrealism remains a golden combination in ads footwear. But the original image will always be the best.

This Autumn The Christian Louboutin, Will Travel to Glam Rock of Beauty

I love you very much Christian Louboutin! Every season more. Not only because I learned what it’s style to extremes or why fixing her own heels do not hurt as many hours as you walk on them, but he never quiet down! Year after year looking for ways to bring the sparkle and beauty in our wardrobe.

This will attempt to make the famous designer and for the autumn-winter 2016 / 2017. Tolookbookfotografithike by Sofia & Mauro shows and models in a glittering setting with glam rock inspired styl.I collection focuses on apisteftoussyndyasmousentononchromaton and immersive you high platforms for all tisorestis day, winged boots from the 70s and trimmed ankle straps will pull all vlemmata.O Louboutinempnefstike of the party that had been quite old, oposto Le Palace haunts.


It says he .. ‘was a period where it was fun to echeikapoios attitude, instead of trying to be fysiologikos.Oianthropoitoteekanan show, “they chanted” . Eichan attitude, was proud poueichan attitude and played mazitou, playing with their own femininity’ the Louboutin said.

Something tells me that the upcoming season will steal and emeisligo in «attitude» of Christian Louboutin outlet!

Disco, Glitter and Russian Model Lukbuke Christian Louboutin

Lurex blouse, blue shadows, pearly lipstick, leopard swimsuits and green tights – you would think that Christian Louboutin dedicated his autumn-winter collection of discos of provincial Russia, if you do not know what’s in the heart of mudborda designer – Paris Club 1970, where he spent youth. Comeback committed high platform shoes, velvet mascara eyelashes and wild flowers sochteaniya. Premiere season – suede sandals Louloudance on steady heel in a lemon-yellow or purple. The collection will arrive in St. Petersburg – recall, in Christian Louboutin there in a corner from the DLT. Lukbuk season took the duo Sofia Sanchez and Mauro Mongiello, and his face was the model Sasha Melnichuk originally from Russia.

The well-known fashion brand Christian Louboutin outlet has unveiled a new advertising campaign for the glam rock of the seventies. In addition to the classic heels and scarlet soles collection glitter and shine, full of multi-colored tights with lurex and at all times relevant to women of fashion leopard prints.

christian louboutin

In the words of cheap Christina Louboutin, to create a collection of his disco-inspired memories of the vibrant nightlife of his youth and, in particular, the nightclub The Palace, which was a regular fashion. “Then they were all eccentric and my girlfriend liked to splurge using vivid images,” – he said.

Covered with layers of glitter-encrusted, Glitter Disco Ball Topstreet, embrace the curve of the foot, fully portraying sexy beauties. An unexpected blend elements keep the material strong and luxury in a classic shape for Top Street created an alternative fashion sense.

Greek inspired sculptures in Christian Louboutin outlet UK “Wings victory” of Samothrace, Wavy style shoes 8.5 cm, 10cm and 12cm Mercura, convergence should the gods of the dance floor. Suede and leather patches nappa colorful ripples sorted mesmerizing patterns Wavy shoes attract all glances in every stride.

The Fall/Winter 2016 of Christian Louboutin Takes Inspiration from The ’70s

Are you loving the new cheap Christian Louboutin Fall/Winter 2016 Collection? If you are willing to know more about it, whatever your answer is now, I’m sure you will love it.

Crafting heels with glitters, adventurous colour combinations in a ‘disco-like’ ambience all bringing aback an old vibe to the presentation. The models addled abnormal angry poses adjoin aristocracy backdrops artful partying, disco and added for the colourful collection.

Christian Louboutin outlet is headed to the ball attic this fall. The iconic cossack characterization just apparent its abatement ’16 campaign, alleged “Oh You Pretty Things,” and its images carriage admirers appropriate aback to the heyday of the French discotheque.

Christian Louboutin

The attack draws on the altered adventures of Louboutin as a adolescent artist and the beat nightlife arena in Paris. Naturally, with a nod to the 1970s, the styles in the accumulating affection agrarian platforms, account boots and glittered Mary Janes with beefy heels to ball the night abroad in.

The Fall/Winter 2016 accumulating appearance active boots styles, bright platforms, abate band abundant bizarre numbers and more. They are sold well in Christian Louboutin outlet UK.

“It was a period where it was fun to have an attitude instead of trying to look very normal—people were showing off a bit, being a bit loud. They had an attitude, were proud of having an attitude and played with it, they were playing with their own femininity.” Christian Louboutin declared the attitude and afflatus abaft the new accumulating in a absolution via WWD.

The new accumulating is altered from the archetypal ‘Christian Louboutin feel’ except of advance appearance the brand’s signature red bottoms.

The Aboriginal Freestanding Bazaar Of Christian Louboutin Opens In Canada

Shoe lovers active in Toronto, accept up. Christian Louboutin has opened his aboriginal freestanding bazaar in the city.

The Paris artist already has a abundance central the city’s Yorkdale Mall, and his shoes are aswell agitated in the aforementioned capital by Canadian administration abundance Holt Renfrew. This is Louboutin’s aboriginal freestanding bazaar in all of Canada.

Design consultancy Household larboard the building’s Victorian-style exoteric in place, which in about-face aggressive the autogenous of the cheap Christian Louboutin store, amid at 99 Yorkville Ave. in Toronto’s flush Yorkville arcade district.

christian louboutin outlet

Christian Louboutin Outlet and Household aimed for an “enchanted forest” theme, complete with silver-birch wallpaper in the women’s area and birch-bark wallpaper in the men’s. Arched niches authority some styles, while others are presented on mirrored metalwork displays to appearance off the styles like bake-apple on a tree. The 2,625-sq.-ft. abundance appearance women’s on the aboriginal attic and men’s on the second.

As with all of Louboutin’s boutiques, the Christian Louboutin Outlet UK floors are done in his signature red.

Halle Berry, The Cure Attack For Cheap Christian Louboutin Broke For Saks Fifth Avenue’s Key

Saks Fifth Avenue is already afresh abutting with Stand Up To Blight and the Entertainment Industry Foundation (EIF) for the Key To The Cure Campaign.

For 2016, extra Halle Berry is confined as the official attack ambassador, acknowledging the ambition of adopting money for blight analysis and analysis organizations.

Christian Louboutin was broke to architecture a T-shirt that will be accessible in all Saks Fifth Avenue food in the U.S. and Canada and on and All gain from the $35 shirt will be donated to Stand Up To Cancer.

cheap christian louboutin

“I am actual animated to plan with Saks to abutment this important could could cause to advice humans who are afflicted by cancer,” said Christian Louboutin Outlet. “It is my mission to advice women feel beautiful, and I achievement that this T-shirt empowers those who abrasion it.”

The 2016 Key To The Cure Attack clearly begins on Oct. 1. Now in its 18th year, the accomplishment has aloft about $40 million.

Berry is set to abrasion the Christian Louboutin T-shirt in a Saks Fifth Avenue-sponsored civic accessible account announcement, actualization in appearance and affairs media outlets in September and October.

“I, like so abounding others, accept been affected by cancer, which is why I’m appreciative to abide to accommodate my abutment to the Entertainment Industry Foundation and Stand Up To Blight in confined as this year’s Key To The Cure ambassador,” said Berry. “I achievement anybody will accompany me in acknowledging this analytical could could cause by purchasing a Key To The Cure T-shirt.”

Through the years, donations accept been fabricated to Christian Louboutin Shoes, Dana-Farber Blight Institute, Nevada Blight Institute, Breast Blight Analysis Foundation and EIF’s Women’s Blight Analysis Fund.

Cheap Christian Louboutin red soled shoes to wear do not want to be able to wear


Christian Louboutin red soled shoes on the legendary background

Originated in Louis XIV’s red shoes in Christian Louboutin hands flourish.

Use red as the sole approach can be traced back long before more: Louis XIV, only the aristocracy man to make the red heel. Red dye was expensive, and only the aristocracy could afford, but later because of the French Revolution red heels and slowly fade out of people’s sight. Has been kept on dancing after the last two centuries, the story of the famous Danish writer Hans Christian Andersen creation of “The Red Shoes”, the story of the lovely girl who wear red shoes magical. Louis XIV in the 17th century wore on red shoes.

In 1936 the classic fairy tale “The Wizard of Oz,” the release further consolidate the wonderful Contact “Little Red Shoes” and magic. If framed by the red-soled shoes who create, it certainly will not be the Christian Louboutin Sale, but the effort is understandable Christian Louboutin red-soled shoes made on the largest, its influence is greatest.

In the early 1990s, Christian Louboutin red soled shoes invention. Christian Louboutin was founded shortly after the princess fell in love with Morocco Caroline Christian Louboutin red soled shoes, and then set off a Hollywood red shoes frenzy. After two decades of and adhere to hard work, so that “red background” in the world of fashion as long as a woman see that the red, we must know Christian Louboutin UK, Christian Louboutin which is the other brands can not tolerate the production of “red shoes” reasons.


Why you do not want to wear a red background will be able to wear?

1. First you wear red shoes from

Red shoes price is not low or relatively high in all brands, each pair of shoes in the price range between 5000-12000CNY, if you need to customize the price more high, which is a wide north OL who is absolutely not a small number, plus footwear products clothing bags easier than wear ……

2. Then you wear the red shoes

Although there are a lot of red-soled shoes low-heeled shoes, but classic tip, narrow version, anhydrous station, stiletto 12cm red shoes truly sexy, seductive, there are many more than 16CM waterproof Taiwan stiletto . Such shoes, no matter for whom are more difficult to manage, even if the wear is also very hard!

3. Finally you wear the red shoes

Red shoes has a very nice ring legend and historical background, she is a symbol of the identity of the most expensive, maybe you can also wear dressed in red soled shoes, but you do not wear the red shoes, she and your temperament is closely related.

Therefore, it is realistic, red background was only a dream, not what you want to wear can wear. Of course, does not rule out an exception, there are also some people call it the capability to control, such as Lady Gaga, the Beckhams, can children…


Christian Louboutin Outlet


Left: Christian Louboutin Paralili 100 patent leather and PVC slingblacks 5450CNY

Heel height of about 10 cm. Christian Louboutin this “Paralili” slingblacks selection of patent leather and transparent PVC made in Italy, yet elegant fashion. Its sides multi Versailles design with golden tip, white stripes and black heels 5450CNY

Right: Christian Louboutin Bettina 100 leather high heels 5750CNY

Heel height of about 10 cm. Cheap Christian Louboutin The “Bettina” heels so wild, and jeans, as well as small and neat suits dress with can complement each other. Buckle ankle strap provides support and can be adjusted according to individual needs, make sure to wear fit.


Every woman has a heart heels dream, there is a celebrity once said, “When a woman standing on the heels seen the world, do not expect her to head-up this world.” But not everyone can achieve this dream, of course, everyone has their own pair of high heels, a color and a height. Because this is not a dream, this is the most true to yourself!