Why did Kate choose a pink suit for a visit in the midst of an epidemic

Kate Middleton recently visited an ambulance call center. The expert believes that the duchess did not accidentally choose a pink outfit.

In mid-March, Kate Middleton and Prince William, despite the epidemic of coronavirus raging in England (and around the world), visited the call center ambulance service in southwest London. There they talked with local experts and expressed their personal gratitude to them.

Many drew attention to what interesting outfit the Duchess of Cambridge chose for this event. She appeared in a pink Marks & Spencer suit, which emphasized her slim figure. According to the expert, Catherine did not just prefer a delicate color to everyone else.

Stylist Suzy Hasler told the Daily Mail that the Duchess had put a special message in her bow. According to her, Kate chose the pink color because she wanted to “cheer up in these difficult times”, as well as “inspire hope at a time when we most need it.”

The expert called the outfit Katherine successful, as the saturated color of the costume gives the Duchess femininity and sets off her skin. “Our future queen is literally shining,” the stylist noted.

Kate really looks great. Many fans were pleased that despite the quarantine, the Duchess of Cambridge did not completely suspend her work.

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In addition, it seemed to some that Britain is now in great need of support from the royal family. A joint Cambridge exit and a special message that Kate put into her outfit prove that the Windsor are ready to stay in touch with their subjects at all costs.

March 24, 2020 · Text: Irina Seliverstova · Photo: Getty Images, @ kensingtonroyal / Instagram