Middleton exhaled after leaving Markle and started dressing easier

The expert noted that after the Sussex left for Kate Middleton, something has changed. Apparently, with the departure of the main fashionable rival, the duchess relaxed and returned to her usual style of clothing.

Let’s admit: as soon as Meghan Markle appeared in the British royal family, it became much more interesting to follow the Windsor. The actress instantly won the title of one of the most influential fashion persons in the world and almost every day blew up the tabloids with her new stylish outlet.

Kate Middleton tried not to give up her positions and continued to appear at social events in elegant and restrained dresses, as always, but it was difficult to beat Megan’s courage and brightness.

However, the Duchess of Cambridge boldly entered into this unequal battle and was able, if not to win, then to make worthy competition. When Meghan Markle was still a senior member of the royal family, Kate tried not to give in to a “frighteningly” popular relative, but now everything has changed.

An insider explained the reason Middleton has become easier to dress. It turned out that it was precisely in this constant rivalry between the duchesses.

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Now that Megan is in another part of the world, Katherine can finally exhale and get out of this fashionable race.

According to the source, after leaving Markle from the royal family, Middleton felt much “freer and more comfortable” and now, when she does not need to prove anything to anyone, she returned to her usual calm style.

April 2, 2020 · Text: Katerina Nekrasova · Photo: Getty Images