What was the last couture fashion show of Jean-Paul Gaultier

Irish dances, the coffin from which the model appeared … On the one hand, madness, on the other – how else could Jean-Paul Gauthier’s last show go?

January 22 was the last show of Jean-Paul Gaultier, dedicated to the 50th anniversary of his career. The fashion designer promised fans that at the same time he did not leave the world of fashion. Now he continues to work on projects, information about which will appear later.

Gauthier never hid the fact that he loves to host a show. Now he is going to engage in productions – in February he will come to Russia with the Fashion Freak Show program.

In the meantime, back to the last show. The Paris Theater Theater du Chatelet gave a real performance. At the very beginning, to the song Amy Winehouse Back to Black, the mourning models, dressed in all black, gathered on the podium and froze in anticipation.

Six people carried the coffin onto the stage, the lid of which was pierced by two metal cones. One got the impression that he placed a legendary sconce, which Gauthier invented as a child.

So, in a recent interview with Vladimir Pozner, the couturier admitted that his first model was … his teddy bear. And one of the first things that the master created was a cone-shaped bra.

Then the show began to gain momentum. Carly Kloss stepped out of the crowd in a black jacket with a funeral wreath on her back. On the tape – the inscription La Mode Pour La Vie (“Fashion for life”). Carly opened the coffin, in it stood a fashion model in a doll dress.

At the show, Jean Paul Gaultier demonstrated about 200 outfits. Each outfit is a modernized image from the Gautier gold collection. These outfits were not in vain waiting for their time for so many years.

Coco Rocha appeared on the catwalk, dancing an Irish dance. Similarly, 14 years ago, the model debuted at the show of the maestro. Laetitia Casta, who first appeared on the catwalk at the age of 15, came to the last show of Jean-Paul in the same denim jacket.

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At the end of the triumphal performance, Jean-Paul Gaultier came under thunderous applause and admiring exclamations. The couturier was wearing a blue jumpsuit resembling the clothes of workers. Master!

January 23, 2020 · Text: Katerina Nekrasova · Photo: Getty Images, @ ocannaramos / Instagram