Angelica Revva in a bodysuit and transparent dress is not inferior to Irina Shayk

Fans of the star family of Alexander Revva found a photo of his wife Angelica, in which she poses in a dress resembling the outfit of Irina Shayk with an after party BAFTA. Fans compared bold images and passed a fashionable sentence.

On February 5, an interesting collage appeared on Instagram of a fan group dedicated to Alexander Revva and his beautiful family. In the picture, the fans staged a battle of dresses of Angelica Revva and Irina Shayk. Angelica in the frame takes the spouse, and Irina poses with Riccardo Tishi.

Beauties are dressed in similar dresses. Irina has a sparkling mesh on the floor and a nude body, and on Angelica … almost the same.

“Adore! The best! What a beautiful dress Angelica has! ” – the fans signed the picture.

Angelica’s style is very different from the fashion favorites of Irina. If in everyday life the supermodel prefers massive shoes and oversize, then the comedian’s wife adheres to more feminine images.

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However, sometimes the incredible happens, and two such different girls appear in extremely similar outfits. Whose image did you like more?

February 6, 2020 · Text: Katerina Nekrasova · Photo: @irinashayk, @ love_revvafamily_love / Instagram, Andrey Kalmykov /, Getty Images,